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Pat McGuires – Appearance is everything in real estate business

Pat McGuires – Appearance is everything in real estate business

By on Feb 11, 2016 in Real Estate Business |

Getting a license for people who want to be real estate agents is not easy, but being a real estate agent is not something anyone could do. Some people think that real estate agents have easy jobs, showing houses and talking with different people. But in reality this is far from the truth. I am Pat McGuires and I will tell you about the importance of good appearance in real estate business.
Real estate agent must think about his professional image at all times. And keeping a positive professional image is not easy to do because you will have to be able to manage following things:

– You will have to take great care about your appearance. Your clothing must be tidy and business-like, but you must look casual in front of your clients to show them that you care about their choice. Makeup is desirable, even for men as well as well done hair and some accessories.

– You must be a social person in order to be a successful real estate agent. You must keep constant eye contact with your clients when you talk to them and you have to have positive body language while in their presence. Placing a smile on your face, being engaging, courteous and attentive is required if you want to close the deal at the end.

– All your marketing and advertising material must have high quality photos and text that is accurate and compelling. Grammatical errors have no place in your advertisements and they will only damage your reputation and clients will not trust a real estate agent who doesn’t give attention to those things.

– As a real estate agent you will spend a lot of time on phone calls. And while you talk with people over phones you will have to be engaging and courteous as well as articulate. If a client can’t understand you properly there is a small chance that he will be willing to continue working with you.

Practice makes perfect, so you should practice speaking out aloud when you are alone.

– Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes must not be present on your webpage or any other social media profiles that you run. And if you want to be a successful real estate agent you will have to obtain good presence on many online media sites. A lot of first time contacts are done over those social Medias and there is a bigger chance that you will meet your client online so you should have a good website that people find likable. With a lack of online presence you will fail in real estate business, and I tell you that because I am a part of that business.

– And finally you will have to write a lot of mails or other texts as a real estate agent. Those mails should be written in professional fashion, using words easily understandable by the receivers of those mails. Structure of those mails is also very important, because people will have a better picture of a person who knows how to properly write messages.

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